From Gulden to Bunq

In this simple step by step tutorial I will show you how to use your mobile Gulden wallet in combination with a Mobile Bunq account. The combination Gulden, Nocks and Bunq works really great! I can keep my Gulden save in my wallet, and when I need to spend euro's I can transfer them instantly into my Bunq account and use my Bunq debit card or NFC to spend it!


Go to your Bunq app and choose your preferred bank account. Press your IBAN number until it's copied to your clipboard.


Items copied to your clipboard will automatically appear in your Gulden wallet. Press 'pay adress'.

Make sure you have this bank account verified @ So the right beneficiary get's automatically added to the bank account. With the next update this will not be neccesary anymore since it will be possible to type the beneficiary inside the wallet itself.



Choose the amount you want to send. This can be a chosen amount in NLG or EURO. Press send. After this insert you pin code if you have one. Now your Gulden will be send into euros to your Bunq bank account.


You will recieve your money instantly. Go to cards and choose your preferred card and make sure it's linked to the right bank account. 


Voila! You are now ready to spend your money! 🙂