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Gulden, Nocks and Bunq

The decentralised economy and how Gulden, Nocks and Bunq became the magical threesome


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The decentralisation in our way of paying and moving around inside the economic sphere might not be an obvious one yet for most people, but it’s at the utmost importance for creating a sustainable future.

Having an alternative decentralised method of paying will not only give power back to the people, it is also an essential backup, specially in times where most of the centralised banks and institutions and by this the monetary system itself is still suffering from great systemic flaws.

What we all experienced after the last big financial crisis of 2008 is when the creation of money and the accumulation of power gets to centralised, corruption, misuse and the incapability to change anything about this, quickly become part of the status quo.

Having said that Blockchain technology would never have been able to thrive so quickly if the system hadn’t showed us its true face.


A cryptocurrency needs, next to a strong community, a few basic fundamentals in order to survive. It needs to be spendable in everyday life and for this of course it needs merchants whom are willing to accept it. Next to this it needs a quick preferably real time gateway to change to fiat currency when you need it.

How simple these basics might sounds 99% of the cryptocurrency’s out there are lacking in all of these and that by itself should already be a great warning for the people backing it.


But let’s talk about the one blockchain and currency that was able to let all these basic fundamentals align and at the same time miraculously managed to stay fairly underground while doing this. I’m of course talking about Gulden.

Started in a great mind from Amsterdam this currency was able to quickly root itself in the country where it all started and even got foot on the ground throughout the rest of Europe.

Everything build around the Gulden Blockchain is build to be user-friendly and because of this it became super easy and accessible for both user as merchant to implement the Gulden wallet and payment systems into their daily lives and businesses.


We already had building their company and gateway system around the Gulden Blockchain for quite some time. Nocks being directly connected to the Gulden-wallet makes that people can copy/paste their IBAN and convert their Guldens directly into their personal bank account. But of course the way traditional banks work this will still take quite some time. If you are transferring your money on a Friday then chances are big you won’t see anything till Monday.

Bunq Bank

A big deal of strength and trust comes with the fact that you should be able to spend Gulden anywhere at any time.

With the new platform Nocks recently released and with Bunq bank being the first truly innovative bank supporting all the API (application programming interface) that is needed to convert your Gulden into Euro in real time that circle became completed.

And with this we came to a point where you can now go to the supermarket and safely transfer your Guldens into Euros while standing in line and directly use your NFC or ATM Card to pay with it.

Make it your own

I would recommend you to get more comfortable with Gulden and the way of storing and paying with it. And if shit ever hits the fan again you will thank yourself for having an even greater alternative.

Check out this step by step tutorial on how to use it in your best advantage


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