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Gulden Plug-and-play Raspberry Pi with Gdash

Witnessing on a Raspberry Pi!

With the PoW2/SegSig update of the Gulden network it will be possible to create a deposit account and to receive interest on that account. All you have to do is run a deposit/witness account 24/7. Since this means that you have to have a computer running all the time, members of the Gulden Community came up with a less power consuming alternative: a Raspberry Pi mini computer. It will be pre-installed and ready to go.

How does it work
If you lock some Gulden in a deposit/wittness account, these Guldens will be put to work to witness transactions and in return you will receive 20% of the block reward you witnessed. This will help automatically to strengthen and secure the Gulden network.

G-DASH is a lightweight, responsive, web-based user interface for Gulden. Using G-DASH you can control your witnessing device from your browser. If you want to lock your Gulden and get paid in return, then using a Raspberry Pi in combination with G-DASH is a really great solution. The Raspberry Pi is a very stable system and a really fun way to lock your Gulden. Your very own Gulden witnessing device!

G-DASH can be easily updated at all times by pressing the update button in your server and even the Gulden software on your Pi will update by itself by simply restarting the Pi.

During beta testing, the G-DASH software has improved in both functionality and user friendliness. Thanks to the developer of G-DASH, Bastijn Koopmans, new improvements will be incorporated quickly.

Pre-Order here!

We give a nice discount on the pre-orders. So if you don’t feel like building everything yourself place your pre-order now!

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