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Message from Rijk Plasman:

We have been using the Slack platform for some time now and it is the perfect way to communicate directly with the community and provide support. In addition, there are many community projects and collaborations. Anyone could sign up for Slack, this had many advantages, but unfortunately also some disadvantages. People with wrong intentions could easily come into contact with our members. This has occurred several times in recent months, and there have been several attempts to scam/phishing. We have always tried to prevent this as much as possible. Unfortunately it was not enough. Slack has contacted us and requires stricter measures. We need to know who our members are. Until then, it will not be possible to allow new members. Fortunately, we already knew most members, but there will be some noticeable consequences.

In the past few days, we have set up a new Slack channel, for which everyone will have to sign up again.
This sign-up will be done by verification, with three possibilities at the start:
– Via Nocks
– Via Facebook
– Via Linkedin

At Nocks we will get your email address and the status of your account (verified or not). It is only possible to sign in with a verified Nocks account. You will receive an email with Slack invitation immediately after signing up. This is the fastest way. Your emailaddress will only be visible to yourself in the Slack settings.

Facebook / Linkedin
Hereby we can view your profile and we will receive your email address. Profiles are judged for authenticity and within a few hours you will receive an invitation for Slack.

Nocks is currently the fastest way to sign up for Slack. We understand that not everyone has a Nocks / Facebook / Linkedin account and will therefore step by step add multiple authentication methods.

Sign up for the new Slack on

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